Painting large images about the banality of life and absurdity of our existence, door Sara van Vliet wants to shine new light on the normal things in our lives. Her paintings depict theremains of conviviality and being together. She is interested in what the left behind coffeecups and beer bottles on a table say about the shared moments. In her work, each painted table tells a story about who she’s been with and what they’ve talked about.

Having a background as a top athlete, Van Vliet puts her inexhaustible energy into her largecanvases, not shying away from a challenge. Building clear shapes in bright colors, she strives to create complex and absurd images. She experiments with plaster, paint and glue, playing with the contrasts between the raw feel of the plaster-like surface and the soft overspray. Quickly drawn with her fingers in the drying plaster, left behind glasses and crumpled notesare laying on a crooked table, making you wonder what you’re actually looking at.

Written by Milou Terpstra